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ATGames Flashback and Classic Mini Wiki

This wiki is for the Flashback models made by ATGames ATGames US Website and some Classic Mini consoles too.

This is still been worked on so contest is been added slowly, Look Here for all pages added to the Wiki.

I will be adding others ATGames Flashback Consoles like The Legend Flashback and The Atari Flashback 9 soon,I just got hold of Atari Flashback 9 so want to see what I can do with it first,I have some ideas.

I will be adding the Sega Mega Drive Mini as well cause it the next Mega Drive up from the 2018 version,it's the 2019 version of the Mega Drive, it was made in China like all of them.


ATGames stands for At the Top of our Games

ATGames Holdings Limited was a games software developer for PS2, Xbox, PC and Mobile devices that was founded in Bermuda in 2001,in 2011 they started marketing Sega/Atari Flashback Consoles only.
In 2017 they made a new company called ATGames Digital Media Inc so they could offer updates to the Firmware to the 2018 Flashback Consoles with a SD Card,it a subsidy of the original company ATGames Holdings Limited.

There first Genesis Console that looks like The Legend Flashback has the ATGames Holdings Limited on its box,ATGames Digital Media Inc is on the Genesis Flashback 2017 box, there company is in the USA, there consoles are manufactured in China and imported to other countries from China, Millennium imported the Mega Drive(Genesis) Console 2017/8 to Germany, Argos import it to the UK and Five Star Games import it to Australia.They don't have companies in other countries only in the USA, They use other companies in China to manufacture there Flashback Consoles, ATGames do not make them.

They also produced Colecovision and Intellivision Flashback consoles, and have worked with Sega on multiple different Handhelds and Genesis consoles,there are known for making Consoles that have bugs in them and are not manufactured well, made as cheap as possible to get the most money out of them.

In 2018, ''ATGames'' released many kinds of HDMI Dongle Mini Console Sticks, bundled with Sega Genesis -like controllers dubbed "Flashback Blast!" These mini consoles can house many kinds of games from different companies, like Namco , Atari and Capcom.

Sega has now cut all ties with ATGames and stopped them from making Genesis Flashback Consoles and started to make there own,The Genesis(Mega Drive) Mini that coming out at on 29th September 2019.

ABOUT CEO - ATGames - Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Dr. Ping-Kang Hsiung PhD Was born in Taiwan and now lives in the USA.

As CEO, PK oversees the management and strategic vision of Atgames, and was Senior Advisor to the Board of the Sega Corporation(This is the connection AtGames have with Sega). His areas of expertise include strategic development and self-incubation of new businesses; technology assessment and transfer; media content development; and marketing.

Before founding Atgames, PK was a special assistant to the chairman of Acer Digital Services Corporation, the holding company of Acer Digital Services Group of Companies in Taiwan. In that capacity, he planned digital TV broadband applications for collaboration with leading media groups and broadcasters. He laid the groundwork for a terrestrial digital TV delivery and services network, which has the capacity to service 3 million subscribers; and he led the negotiations with major global media groups.

Prior to Acer, PK co-founded Excite Interactive Media in Taiwan and China. EIM produces computer education content for streaming media and has an ongoing collaboration with more than forty leading Chinese TV networks.

PK's entrepreneurship has its roots in the United States, where he started several technology-based multimedia entertainment companies in Hollywood, working on projects with the major US film studios. Upon returning to Taiwan, he started the first satellite-to-home TV business and sold it to a major telecommunications conglomerate.T
PK has a BS degree from National Taiwan University, an MS in electrical and computer engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and a PhD in electrical and computer engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. His work in scientific visualization has been covered by CNN and NHK and is featured in several college textbooks.

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